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Back in 2014 Eugene Shilin and Olga Brede started a web-design studio, which quickly and effortlessly managed to win the trust of a large client base. To this day we pride ourselves with having earned the reputation of a responsible, professional and mindful team. A lot of the time we are working alongside our partners, companies that put their trust in us, to take care of their clients with anything and everything that has to do with design.

brede shilin design, web dizaina agentura, bs agency

Olga Brede-Borovika

Project Manager, Co-founder

To be completely honest, this is not something I wanted to do. My partner is holding me hostage, forcing me to draft offers and answer emails. What makes things worse is that our clients enjoy working with me. I’d rather go shopping for a new dress while sipping on a cinnamon latte from Starbucks, than having to make all these important decisions.

When I turned 19 I moved to the capital from a small village, applied to a university to become a manhore, but got rejected. Broken and ashamed I could not stand to go back home, so I started to master the principles of design. Browsing through the internet, I read about a magic button in Photoshop called – “make it beautiful”, and joined a course of font design. Today, some people say I create decent designs.

brede shilin design, web dizaina agentura, bs agency

Eugene Sheeleen

Art-director, Co-Founder


Since inception we were fortunate to have worked with clients from all around the world, gain experience in a multitude of industries and complete several hundreds of projects, below is just a taste of what we are capable of:

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