Cosywood logo

The products of Cosywood, a furniture manufacturer – are a balanced combination of neat design and a mindful approach to our planet’s resources. The design of the logo reflects the company’s pursuit to create neat and stylish furniture.

Case: Designing a logo for every purpose

COSYWOOD – A UK bespoke designer furniture manufacturer that is created from reclaimed wood and metal. Some of the materials are taken from old houses thus giving them a second life.

The UK based manufacturer of unique designer furniture Cosywood uses unique materials in its creations – reclaimed wood from old houses and wooden buildings set to be demolished. The invaluable material that carries a piece of history within itself is thus given a second life.

The basis of the logo was designed to resemble the circumference of the cross-section of a wooden log. Precisely dissecting it gave us the two first letters of the brand name of the company CW – Cosy Wood. The logo looks great both with text and independently and can be used to trademark wooden surfaces.

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